The Last of Us 2 Accidentally Confirmed

It seems our favorite post-apocalytic adventure game may be getting a sequel.

We all suspected it would happen at some point.  After all, over 7 million copies sold is hard to ignore as anything other than an incentive for a follow-up.  But we didn’t expect that developer Naughty Dog would let the news out quite like this…

During their livestream focusing on the new Uncharted Collection, writer Josh Sherr was describing the production process for the company’s upcoming and past titles.  Turning to lead animator Eric Baldwin, Sherr said something quite suspicious…

“All the facial animation in the Uncharted series was led up by Eric, here.  And [on] the first The Last of Us.  Uh, did I say the first The Last of Us?”

It’s not a solid confirmation.  But if you watched the video above, you saw how caught off-guard Sherr was after making the slip.  It certainly seems as though he’s fully aware of his mistake.

Needless to say, if there is a The Last of Us sequel, it’s a long time away.  Naughty Dog’s teams are currently hard at work to finish the highly anticipated Uncharted 4 for its March, 2016 release date.

We’d love to see more out of The Last of Us.  What do you think?  Keep coming back to The Daily Runner as we wait to find out what Naughty Dog has to say about all the speculation.

Alec Mangum is the Associate Editor at the Daily Runner.
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