The Holy Land Experience

holyLandExperernceMapEver wish you could go back in time to witness the life of Jesus and his miracles? Well, wish no more—purchase your ticket to embark on a biblical adventure today at the Holy Land Experience!

The Christian  theme park in Orlando, Flo., run by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, explores the life of Jesus Christ on a wide scale. The park itself stretches at least 7000 miles and is full of biblical history for guests of all ages to enjoy. Holy Land invites its audience to experience tons of breathtaking features, such as the Garden Tomb and the Great Temple.

HLE - Passion3

As the guests stop at each attraction and witness astonishing acts from the park’s theatrical team, Century, the stories within the Bible come to life. The park also features exhibits on the Tabernacle, the Dead Sea Qumran and the Garden of Eden.

The Holy Land Experience embraces the fundamentals taught through Scripture and shares its history in a fun and educational manner. Audiences will be able to learn more about God’s love, witness the retelling of the parables before their eyes, and come to understand important messages told within the Bible.

Complete with fun, education, history and spiritual learning, the Holy Land Experience will have your family coming back for more.