The College Republicans Interest Meeting

The College Republicans provides a unique environment that allows for discussion of current politics with like-minded people. If you are craving an informed discussion of current news and world affairs, this is the place for you. We have some of the finest students at Regent heading up the club.

Our President, Jacob Neer, is a fearless leader with a heart of gold. He also serves as an RA and is on student government. You will be able to catch him running for president in 18 years! Cullen Jones and Drew Zim serve as our vice-chairs. Cullen is an excellent baker, and Drew has an amazing taste in fashion. Timothy Venable is the Chaplin who leads the club spiritually. Our secretary is Cora Houseworth. She acts as an RA when she is not keeping the Republicans Club together. Our Social Media Manager is John Klaves. You can catch him getting Boba tea when he is not working as an RA. I serve as the club’s treasurer.

In addition to meeting some of the greatest people at Regent and attending meetings, you can participate in the events the club hosts that provide opportunities for members to become more involved in politics. Last year, members of the club were able to attend CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), and they hope to attend again this year. We have heard from guest speakers such as former Governor McDonnell and congressman hopeful, Scott Taylor. The club is also actively involved in local politics. Last Saturday members went out door-knocking to promote Taylor’s campaign. It is a great experience to be involved in politics at the grassroots level and a great community to be apart of.

This Wednesday, September 16th, we will be holding our interest meeting at 6:30 pm in Rob Hall 116. Here, you can become better informed, make great friends, and discover what you believe politically. We hope to see you there!


Kelsey Goodson

Kelsey Goodson is a contributor for The Daily Runner.