Summer at the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore is a  truly diverse landscape; full of unique people, beaches, and food.

I know what you are thinking: the Jersey Shore? Isn’t that the bad reality TV show with the unnaturally orange skin and the funny accents?

Allow this article to debunk these outlandish theories. The first myth to debunk: no one in Jersey says “Joisey.” I have lived here since I was born and have never heard this particular Jersey accent. Also, most people on Jersey Shore are actually from New York, not New Jersey. Now that I have reshaped your perception on my beloved state, I can talk about one of the most wonderful places on earth: the real Jersey Shore. Miles upon miles of beaches, boardwalks, and some of the best food ever. Let’s start at the beginning.

Every summer, everyone goes down to the shore, at least once.  It doesn’t matter which direction you are traveling, you are still going down. Also, it’s the shore, not the beach. Don’t know why it just is. Everyone has their particular beach, the one they always go to and know best. Atlantic City, Avalon, Long Beach Island, Cape May, there are plenty to choose from. My family almost always heads down to Ocean City, a popular choice amongst Jerseyians. It’s family friendly, has a great boardwalk, and some of the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. When I was a child, I told my parents that I would only eat boardwalk pizza. So every time they got pizza, they told me it was from the boardwalk. I never even questioned why they drove an hour to pick it up every Saturday, but that’s a five-year-old for you.

A typical day at the Shore includes a wide variety of activities. The Lifeguards normally get there around 10 am, but we always arrive earlier. Ocean City is a very popular summer destination, so getting there early ensures a prime spot. One far enough from the intense high tide, but close enough that you’re not walking a mile toward the water at low tide. It is an art, one I’ve spent years perfecting.

Once the perfect spot has been chosen, we then normally spend the day lounging, swimming, looking for seashells, or building a sandcastle. The great part about the Shore is the variety. There is something for everyone. I’m a lay on the beach with a long book, maybe put my feet in the water for a little while, kind of girl. My sister is the other side of the spectrum. She goes boogie boarding and swimming almost as soon as we arrive. There is a specific surfing section, a quieter area where there is no boardwalk, as well as areas close to the boardwalk with lots of hustle and bustle.

Ah, onto the boardwalk. New Jersey is famous for them. The Atlantic City boardwalk holds the world record for the longest boardwalk in the world and also was the inspiration for the original Monopoly. Each boardwalk is a little different, but the Ocean City one is my favorite. There are two amusement parks, which are filled with roller-coasters, log flumes, and many other traditional amusement rides. There are cute shops and boutiques, some selling traditional souvenir sweatshirts and beach towels, others with cute clothing and jewelry.

The best part of the shore is the food. Sure, ocean, beach, sand, that’s all great, but there are dozens of pizza joints down there, and each person has their favorite. Personally, I would recommend Three Brothers in Ocean City. The pizzas are so large, that it takes two plates to hold one slice. Fried Oreos, Jill’s fries, Kohr’s ice cream, these are just a few of the beautiful facets of the cuisine. Plus we are the home of the Salt Water Taffy. So there is a little bit about the Jersey Shore. Us New Jerseyians value it above almost everything else in our state, and we would love for you to come and experience it with us.

Danielle Crowely is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner.