Student Org. Saturdays: Cheerleading

Blue and green, ROYALS, let’s score!

One of your loudest groups on campus is the Regent Royals Cheerleaders! This team strives to energize and motivate Regent athletes to perform to the best of their ability for the glory of God. The cheer team seeks to promote a spirit of community and athletic excellence, encouraging both the Royals teams and the Regent student body.

Regent Cheer Coach Jennifer Gribble, states, “The big thing I want the cheer team to embody is community and fellowship.” Coach Jen explains that she and her co-coach Tina Howton want the Royals Cheerleaders to be the face of Regent, displaying a strong Christian faith and passion for the Lord.  Their goal is for the cheer team to continue growing in a God-honoring direction.

At the start of the 2019 fall season, the cheer team welcomed six freshmen into their ranks. Jennifer says, “Each person that is on the team embodies something so special and has a gift to share. Each girl represents a different piece of Regent.”

The small but mighty team has been working hard during their pre-season to be in top form for game days. Over the past five months, the team captains have sought to build a firm community for their team members. “I wish to build a team that turns teammates into a family,” shared co-captain Kirstie Robison. “I want a team that bonds on and off the mat and, at the end of the day, fights for each other. The more we trust and build community, the stronger we will be.”

According to freshman Jamie Meador, this community is well underway. “We are a family,” she remarked. “We can always count on each other to be strong and supportive.”

Though the cheering season has just begun, the team has already made several appearances in public to pursue its mission of encouraging Regent students-athletes in Christ.

On October 10, the team came out during their pre-season to support the Regent woman’s volleyball in their breast cancer awareness game. The girls also cheered proudly at the men’s and women’s senior night soccer games prior to fall break.

They celebrated the Chili Bowl with Regent students and alum on November 9. At the popular get-together, all nine team members cheered through halftime, lead group dances, and enjoyed the season by taking photos with young children.

Regent cheer team at Chili Bowl [Regent Royals Nov. 2019]

More recently, the cheer team performed at Regent’s first home basketball games of the season. On November 14, the men’s basketball team played in Portsmouth, Virginia, soon followed by the women’s team on November 23. At these matches, the cheerleaders put into practice the stunts and chants they had perfected over the past several months.

The teams’ impact expands outside of the Regent campus and events. Last weekend, the team represented the school while working at a Christian Cheerleaders of America (CCA) competition. Co-captain Kara Doughtie says the cheerleaders are “really proud to be a part of Royals athletics and to represent Regent University through working with and competing through CCA. CCA is a Christian organization that holds cheerleading competitions and summer camps throughout the United States.” At the competition, the Regent cheerleaders worked as spotters, greeters, and prep-runners. They were able to encourage young contesters in the sport and demonstrate a faith-filled character.

Upon the conclusion of the Royals athletic spring season, the Regent Royals Cheerleaders will head into competition through CCA the week of March 1. They plan to compete in CCA’s GameTime, stunt group, and dance divisions.

Jordan Lance

Jordan Lance

Jordan Lance is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Runner.