Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Landon

A heart for God, and a heart for worship.

Welcome to The Daily Runner’s first-ever Senior Spotlight series. The inspiration behind this series has been to shine a spotlight on a few seniors at Regent. Graduating college is a significant milestone in life and The Daily Runner wants to honor a few of the members of the class of 2017. We have selected eight different seniors – four young women and four young men – for you to get to know before they graduate in May. The second soon-to-be graduate we would like to honor is Elizabeth Landon.

If you have frequented any of Regent’s Unchapel services on Thursday nights then you would have seen blonde hair flying, feet dancing and raised arms – which means you’ve encountered the very heart of Elizabeth Landon. With her infectious smile and bubbly personality, one cannot help but walk away from every interaction with Landon feeling encouraged. Born and raised in the New Jersey/Delaware area, Landon quickly became a familiar face around campus due to her involvement with Campus Ministries and Regent Worship Team.

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Elizabeth Landon, Virginia Beach, VA, Nov. 2016. (Madeline Ferrante)

Future plans

I was honored to spend a few minutes interviewing Landon. Personally, she has become one of my closest friends; I was excited to sit down with her and hear her heart. As a communications major, Landon has plans to stay in the Virginia Beach area after graduating in May.

“I am going to be working part time in special events and marketing with Regent, helping with their social media. It has totally been the Lord opening up the door for me” she told me when I asked her about her immediate plans after graduation. However, she also explained that this isn’t the ultimate dream. Whether you know Landon well or not, it is very apparent she runs hard after the heart of God. She is unbridled in her faith, so for her, wherever the Lord takes her is ideal. Landon also has a deep desire to go to ministry school and maybe even leave Virginia Beach for a season. “I don’t really see myself as the person who gets a job and settles down right after school. The dream is to go lots of places – or even one place – and [to] get totally caught up in the Lord.”

For her, a senior, there is nostalgia when reflecting over the last four years. For Landon, most of her sentiment involves Unchapel and friendships. “Some of the best memories I have had are at Unchapel. There have been a few this year that have totally messed me up – in a good way. But separate from Regent, some of my best memories in college have been going on trips with friends.” Landon credits Regent for deepening and developing her heart of worship. “I didn’t really know I could even sing and then coming here [to Regent] and discovering worship… it is a completely new realm for me.”

A City On A Hill

Over the last four years, Regent’s motto – Christian Leaders to Change the World – has been woven into our studies. I asked Landon how Regent has prepared her to be a Christian leader to change the world. She explained how when she came to Regent, she already had an established relationship with the Lord, but that attending school here has helped her realize she could broaden ways in which she hears the Lord. For her, this means seeking God daily and realizing she is completely and utterly defined by being a Daughter of God. “Operating in hearing the voice of God is how you live out being a Christian leader in your day-to-day life. We’re a city on a hill.”

The very heart of Elizabeth Landon is passionate, unbridled and utterly abandoned for our Savior. It is people like Landon who have made Regent such an amazing place over the last four years. I have no doubt in my mind that Landon will be a world changer. She loves the Lord, she loves people and she loves life. The world needs more people like her.

Madeline Ferrante is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.