Restaurant Review: The Sweet Spot

Nestled in front of the Fairfield Shopping Center on Providence Road stands a pastel-pink wonderland that has become renowned for its extravagant mason jar milkshakes. While many coffee and ice cream shops have taken up these elaborate milkshakes that invade our social media feeds, The Sweet Spot is set apart by both style and quality. 

Less than two miles from Regent’s campus, its parking lot seems small, but the establishment’s inside is fully immersive. Different styles of
bubblegum-pink wallpaper and flamingo-pink marbled epoxy flooring give new meaning to seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. The entryway is wrapped in an elaborate blush floral arrangement, and neon signs on each wall brighten the room, featuring fun quotes and the well-known Mean Girls movie reference “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” With indoor seating for over 30, The Sweet Shop spared no expense on the peachy, salmon-colored leather seating and marble tables. 

Some patrons would suggest that the establishment even smells pink. Regent undergraduate and student worker Rachel Turner exclaimed, “The Sweet Spot smells of pink and happiness. I got a sugar rush just from walking in.” 

The outside of the building features a balcony to the right with glass-framed fire pits surrounded by wooden benches. The cozy atmosphere is complemented by planters, string lights overhead and “love” written out in flowers on the side of the building. The left side of the building is balanced by special event spaces in the form of igloo lounges that are available with a reservation.

The Sweet Spot’s menu is equally unique. They use only fresh ingredients, creating all their products from scratch. With warm baked treats, over thirty ice cream flavors and vegan and gluten-free options, their website shares that their goal is “to create our delicious ‘art’ on the spot.” 

In an interview with ABC 13 News, owner Mery Ghattas explained that she and her husband’s travels inspire their milkshakes: “From Hong Kong, we got the idea of the bubble waffle that we do. Cuba, we got the idea of the churros, and from Thailand, the first dessert we had was the rolled ice cream.”  

My party loved the variety of shakes we tried, including their Dough-not Explode, Churrito and Fruity Explosion milkshakes. We were surprised to find the pastries on top to still be warm, reflecting much care and pride in their ingredients and assembly. Just remember to grab napkins, as disassembly can be messy! 

This business combines beautiful scenery, sugary cuisine and excellent service. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, The Sweet Spot proves to be an excellent place for Regent students to take their sweetie.


Kayla Grace Walker

Kayla Walker is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.