Regent University Advances to the Enactus World Cup Qualifier – Semi-final Round

For the first time in the school’s history, Regent University has made it to the semi-final round in the Enactus World Cup Qualifier – a prestigious international college business competition.

Our Enactus Presentation team will be presenting in the semi-final round at Long Island University in New York from April 21-22. They will be presenting on two Regent Enactus projects that the team has worked on over the past couple years: Healthy League and Veteran One Stop.

The Enactus Club on Regent University’s campus was founded in 2010 as the Students of Free Enterprise. However, in 2012, the club joined the international organization called Enactus. Enactus is a combination of the words entrepreneurial, action, and us. Ultimately, the international organization dedicates itself to empowering the next generation of leaders to find entrepreneurial solutions to world problems. 

Every year, Enactus holds a business competition called the Enactus National Exposition, where students from universities worldwide come and present their projects that address a problem in the world. Winners receive grant funding from Enactus, with prizes being up to $10,000. The Exposition has two competitions: the Early-Stage competition (dedicated to project ideas) and a World Cup Qualifier (dedicated to fully-fledged organizations). Regent made it to the qualifying round in the Exposition in 2016 with a past project that worked on improving financial literacy in lower-income neighborhoods. In 2021, Regent won second place in the Early-Stage competition with a project called Healthy League, an organization established by Regent students that uses entertainment education to teach children in Haiti how to prevent hookworm – a deadly parasite prevalent in developing countries. 

This year, Regent University has made it to the World Cup Qualifier and the Early-Stage Semi-Final Round with 12 other universities. Regent submitted the Healthy Project to the World Cup Competition due to the organization’s success and growth in Haiti. For the Early-Stage Competition, Regent submitted a new project called Veteran Launch Pad, which will provide a comprehensive online database that allows military veterans to use keywords to search for credible agencies or organizations to meet their specific needs.

Dara Weisbrod (CAS ’22), Enactus president at Regent (2021-2022), stated, “Making it to the semi-finals has been a huge blessing! Seeing the hard work of all the project members come together and having the projects recognized for their excellence and success is a great accomplishment. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Enactus, and I am excited for the team to present their projects at the semi-finals!” Dara has been an Enactus member since the fall of 2020 and worked on the Healthy League team before becoming the president of Enactus in the 2021-2022 term. 

To get to the semi-finals, the Regent Enactus club assembled a team of dedicated professors and students to present the two projects at the Enactus regional competition from March 14-17. The presentation team consisted of Dara Weisbrod, Annabelle Poropatich, Adrianna La Tortue, and Philip White. However, others involved in the presentation of Healthy League and Veteran Launch Pad include Dr. Kevin Crawford (Enactus Co-Faculty Advisor of Healthy League), Dr. Olga Moseley (Enactus Co-Faculty Advisor of Veteran Launch Pad), Sarah Brown (Veteran Launch Pad Project Manager), Olivia Cristino (Healthy League Project Manager), Heather Walter (Healthy League Marketing Manager), Calherbe Monel (Representative from the nonprofit Reboot Haiti), John Klaves (Videographer for Healthy League), Kristian Nikolov (Videographer for Veteran Launch Pad), and Sophia Wilson (Logo Designer for Veteran Launch Pad). In addition, the Veteran Launch Pad and Healthy League student team members also played huge roles in the research and development of ideas that will change the world. 

Due to the efforts of the remarkable student leaders at Regent University, our Regent team is going to nationals, and we are so excited for them. The traveling presentation team consists of Heather Walter, Jordan Lance, Emily Polson, Angelia Garces, Adrianna la Tortue, and Annabelle Poropatich. Our prayers are with them as they prepare to represent Regent University on a global stage.

Dr. Olga Moseley stated, “It is my pleasure and privilege to be one of the faculty advisors for Regent’s Enactus Team. ENACTUS is the world’s largest student-led entrepreneurial learning platform that strives to identify a need in local, national, or international communities and then find and implement innovative solutions to address the need. Over the years, the team has created many great projects that benefitted the Hampton Roads area, as well as unprivileged communities in multiple countries in South Africa and South America. This academic year, however, the team has soared to new heights!”

Enactus is currently in a leadership transition phase, so if you would like to join the club in the fall semester of 2022, contact Dr. Moseley at