Regent community accepts the ice bucket challenge, to glorious results

Yesterday at Chapel, Dean Brauch of Regent’s Law School unveiled a video of himself taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  In the video, he challenged all Regent students, faculty and staff to follow in his footsteps.

While the unofficial rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge are dubious (can you really challenge an entire group?  Is that allowed?), the Regent community nevertheless accepted.  Today, over a hundred students, faculty and staff members gathered in the Library Plaza to get wet and raise awareness for ALS research.  Each person brought a dollar to donate to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, which gives more than half of its budget to research and does so with programs that are pro-life.

The viral nature of the Ice Bucket Challenge has so far raised millions for ALS research, a disease which currently affects over 30,000 people in US today.  One organization has raised $31.5 million in the past month alone  — more than 16 times what it raised in the same period last year.

Here’s the full video:

To see some pictures of the Challenge, just keep scrolling!

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