Regent Alumni Spotlight: Aisha Bascom (M.Div. ’13)

Former Regent University School of Divinity student talks post-grad life.

A proud graduate from one of the top seminaries in the nation, Aisha Bascom shares what life is like after college.

From treading the concrete streets of Brooklyn to now living in the largest and most populated city in Coastal Virginia, Aisha is determined to make her mark all across the globe.

It was not until one day a voice spoke to Aisha during prayer. She felt as if the Lord was urging her to contact a school nearby. To her surprise, the person on the other end predicted Regent University as the institution to obtain her post-graduate degree. Aisha took this remarkable encounter as confirmation and instantly relocated from New York to Virginia with her daughter in 2010.

In that same year, Aisha would muster up the courage to follow the dream she never saw coming. Shortly after applying to Regent’s School of Divinity master’s program, Aisha was accepted.

During her studies, she set out to partner with organizations abroad, like Christ for India, a missionary group she likewise joined in 2010. “I met Ranjit Abraham while at Regent, and together we started an advocacy group on campus,” she remembers. “He visits every summer to continue the work, preach, and connect with partners.”

In 2013, Aisha received her master’s degree in Divinity with the prestigious honor of joining the Alumni Association.

Regent's School of Divinity Chapel captured by M.A., Journalism student, Ericah Jones.
Regent’s School of Divinity Chapel. (Ericah Jones)

Now, Aisha can be seen in action as the Social Media Manager of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), an international television production company that delivers daily news. ” I oversee social marketing, engagement, and content curation for our VB, DC, and Jerusalem bureaus,” she said.

She has also been named as Christ for India’s Director of Outreach and Development, an organization that Aisha says complements her goal to support indigenous world leaders and provide needful resources to underprivileged communities.

However, even with all of the illustrious titles and successes in her career’s history, Aisha says being recognized as a “superb mom” is simply good enough for her.

Ericah Jones is a contributor to the Daily Runner.