Pluto’s Beauty Exposed in “Flyover”

Earthlings finally know what Pluto’s surface looks like.

As NASA’s New Horizon makes its epic journey into distant space, scientists are receiving high-quality photos of our neighboring planets, or rather, former-planets…

Using mosaic-style images sent from the New Horizon, Stuart Robbins and his team pieced together a 3D image of Pluto’s frozen surface.  Using an aerial perspective, the artists/scientists rendered an incredibly detailed flyover for the people of Earth to enjoy.

Pretty cool, right?  The flyover covers several named regions of Pluto, including the Norgay Montes, Sputnik Planum, and Cthulu Regio.  It’s incredible how a photo can take something so abstract, like a faraway planet, and make it seem so close.

The New Horizon continues to scout ahead.  What will it discover next?

Alec Mangum is the Associate Editor at the Daily Runner.
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