People of Regent: Kaleo Gregg

Kaleo Gregg, Apr. 10, 2018, Virginia Beach, VA. (Chloe Kasper)

Kaleo Gregg, Virginia Beach, V.A., Apr. 2018. (Chloe Kasper)

“I think about downtown Seattle a lot; I think about how I used to just walk around the city at night, and that was always nice. I’ve kept a few photos of the city – I used to live nearby. It’s someplace I’d like to visit again soon. My family has been all over the place, being a Navy family, I mean you’ll probably find a lot of those here. We were moving every two years. My dad was a P-3 pilot and then went to the Pentagon and then to Eisenhower and then to be an Enterprise Aircraft Carrier, we were always moving.”

Chloe Kasper is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.