Online Learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has lead teachers and students of all grades to adjust to a new normal: online learning. Due to the drawn out circumstances of the virus, everyone has been forced to make do with online learning as best they can, even college students. Our school, Regent University, has a number of students who have chosen to continue their classes online during the pandemic. Many factors make this form of learning challenging, so I wanted to offer five personal tips to make it go smoother.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.

Our parents always preached how vital a good night’s sleep is and how it can help you in the long run. It’s no secret that rest is key to being alert and staying on top of school work. It is especially important now. Being home presents its own set of challenges. Students at home with their families can be inclined to stay up late hanging out for family movie or game nights. Like being in person, it is also easy for students to stay up late by themselves doing random activities, especially playing on their phones. Without the accountability of roommates, late nights could become routine. However, it is important to go to sleep at a decent time because, when studying at home, the responsibility to stay awake and do class work is solely on you. You don’t have daily in-person classes that remind you to do your homework. Studying independently online requires self-control and a good night’s sleep. Proper sleep habits will not only increase your productivity, but your concentration and focus as well. Though having the motivation to attentively attend all classes is not as simple as going to bed at a reasonable time every night, it is important to keep the mind in top shape to carry out daily commitments. 

  1. Try to keep your pets from taking the show.

Pets seem to want all of our attention when we are busy with schoolwork. Cat or dog, whichever category your pet falls under, they don’t care about you being busy or being in class. In fact, they appear to just want your attention. They want to participate and get in on the fun! They absolutely see no problem with joining you and your classmates. Though it may be fun and your pet will more than likely get some attention from your classmates and professors, it may be a good idea to keep the cute puppy or cat away during class sessions.

  1. Try not to get distracted by Netflix during class or during homework.

Being in the comforts of your home can make it easy to get distracted by things. It’s important to try to keep Netflix binging at bay until the appropriate time. Therefore, the Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Firefly Lane, and other shows must wait. I would say The Office among binge-worthy shows, but life is cruel, and it is no longer available on Netflix. All jokes aside, it is not easy having to stare at a computer screen for the better part of days when there is class so we must do what we can to accommodate ourselves accordingly. 

  1. Manage your time properly

Managing time is already stressful and somewhat difficult for many students. Having to tie online classes into our hectic schedules makes us be intentional about putting proper time limits for particular tasks. Consider using a timer to allow time for breaks and work so that you do not overload yourself with too many tasks at once. By dividing the time between each class, it is easier to stay on top of things because you have a level of completion on various assignments instead of trying to complete them one by one. Dividing the time also allows you to create your own workflow to get everything done in an appropriate time and manner. Consider a planner or a writing pad that will allow you to keep track of all assignments and due dates so that you can pace yourself and still get the assignment completed on time.

  1. Pray.

Prayer is a form of worship God gives us to face all of the problems and difficulties that we face in our lives. Go before the Lord and cast your cares on Him so that He may grant you strength to persevere. The Lord is the source of all things in our lives and most definitely the source of our strength. It is important to keep the foundation and relationship with the Lord strong in such times as these. Refer to the following scriptures for encouragement in this season: Psalm 34:4; 1 Peter 5:7; Philippians 4:6-7.

Try to stay encouraged and motivated to finish out the semester on a good note. You’ve got this! Maximizing productivity can be done by using a timer or planner to arrange work times and breaks. Use various strategies to help you manage your time and maintain a consistent schedule for the completing assignments. Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep to ensure that you are well rested and can put your best foot forward. It is vital that we stay connected to the Father at all times and pray without ceasing. The Lord tells us that when we ask, we shall receive. Praying your way through is always a great option for times of struggle. Remember that the circumstances of today are temporary, and that the end goal is much more important than the current times. It is through God’s grace that we will  prevail and thrive throughout anything that may come our way. 


Kiara Thomas

Kiara Thomas is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.