NBA and NHL Playoffs 2015: Don’t underestimate the Power of an Upset

The NBA and NHL playoffs are officially under way.

There are plenty of teams who are expected to compete for championships. The Cavaliers Warriors Spurs, Bulls Rangers Blackhawks, and Canadiens and Ducks are among such teams. Others, such as the Bucks, Pelicans, Nets, Celtics, Jets, Flames, Canucks, and Senators are not expected to win their respected series. All of these teams fought hard all season to clinch playoff berths. Don’t overlook the power of an upset.  Last year the Blazers were labeled as major underdogs against the Rockets. Thanks to some stellar play from LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard Portland that stunned Houston in the first round.  Anything can happen.  In the NHL, postseason a year ago the L.A. Kings overcame big deficits and knocked out their Western Conference opponents to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals against the New York Rangers.  They forced overtime and claimed their second title in four years. Upsets are real.

Jonathan is a Contributor to the Daily Runner.


Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan is an undergraduate student at Regent University majoring in Communications. He hopes to be a Christian leader to change the world by becoming a sports writer for major media outlets and magazines.