My life as an online student at Regent

Rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I walk to the kitchen and fix myself a cup of coffee. With cup in hand, I sit down with my Bible for devotions. After this, I find myself back at the fridge. I decide what to have for breakfast before settling in to watch ESPN, my daily research into the sports world. Checking my assignment list, I prioritize my work for the day and then begin.

Welcome to a typical day in the life of an online student.

I have officially finished with my freshman year at Regent University. All of my classes this semester were online and not on campus, which — though not easy — has many benefits. For one thing, doing classes online allows me to work in my pajamas. If I had taken a class on campus, I would probably have to wake myself up at 6:30 in the morning and get to class…fully dressed!  I have done this before, and I hate the experience. Early classes are not for me.

Another benefit of being an online Regent University student is that I can create a schedule that suits me. In the past, I have made my own spring and fall semester schedules that include working out, daily devotions and breakfast in the morning, reading for both classes and lunch at noon, and assignments and drum practice in late afternoon and early evening. I enjoy doing things my own way. As an online student, I can.

As I work in the online learning environment I get the same challenging education as any other Regent University student. It is an active learning experience which encourages all of us to use biblical principles incorporated in our subject matter. We are being challenged as leaders. And we are also challenged to work as a group no matter where we all come from.  I live in upstate New York, ten hours away from Regent’s Virginia Beach campus. Yet doing online courses from home makes me feel like I’m sitting in a classroom at Regent…without the time constraints.

One final benefit of being an online student from Regent University is that I am not alone. There are many others like me who are both young and old. All of us are trying to earn our degree, and all of us have different circumstances, but we can still work together.  For example, in one of my final classes of my freshman year, I had the privilege of working with students from all over the U.S on a group mission project to benefit the people of Haiti. I appreciated the hard work they put into the assignments and the feedback they have given me in return. Working with my classmates together for a common goal is a blessing that God has given me. But the really cool thing is that with modern technology, we can learn together from anywhere in the world. This is awesome!

As I log on to Blackboard and submit my final assignments, I feel immense relief. The work is all done, and nothing remains but the grades. I have done my best as unto God, and that is all I can ask.

Although I am content in the online world at Regent, I am also going to challenge myself further… by coming to live on campus this fall. I want to see how the other half lives so I can say I’ve fully experienced Regent University.  Coming up, my article about life as a resident student!

Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan Pflegl

Jonathan is an undergraduate student at Regent University majoring in Communications. He hopes to be a Christian leader to change the world by becoming a sports writer for major media outlets and magazines.