Incredibles 2: A Movie Review

The sequel we’ve waited 14 years for.

The wait is over!

After 14 years, Incredibles 2 is finally out! Those of us who were around in November 2004 remember going to see the original Incredibles in theaters and being entranced by it, so Disney had high stakes when it came to pleasing audiences with a second movie. Many of us had fears that this movie might not live up to our expectations – and trust me, 14 years is a long time to build up expectations. The first movie left us hanging though, and even college kids like me had to brave crowds of children to find out what was going to happen to the incredible Parr family of superheroes.

The experience

After arriving at the theater with my family, getting popcorn and sodas, and possibly shoving a few kids out of the way to get to my seat, the anticipation inside me was almost unbearable on this Sunday afternoon. The previews began, and I was pleasantly surprised by the apology video regarding the movie taking so long to be released that Pixar created to accompany this movie.

This sequel picks up where the original left off and from there on out I was entranced. The characters were consistent with the original, and while the story line may have included some darker scenes than the first movie, it was appropriate for most audiences. I laughed along with the jokes and got nervous when the bad guys appeared – though it’s Disney, so we knew deep down nothing too serious could happen. I was overjoyed by the end when I could say my fears were proven wrong and the movie was just as hilarious and action packed as the first!

Worth seeing?

Though I will not try to contend that the sequel was better than the first at this time, as the first will always be near and dear to our hearts, I will say that it was not a disappointment. It lived up to my expectations and made me feel like a kid again. Watching this movie took me back and gave me the same feeling of amazement as the original did when I first saw it, which is exactly what a good sequel should do. This movie was a win for Disney.

Congrats to Pixar on another “INCREDIBLE” movie (pun intended).


Emily Nevala is a contributor to the Daily Runner.