Filmmaker and world traveler shares wisdom with Regent students

On November 18, 2013, Craig Forrest, a well-traveled, award winning filmmaker who came to speak to Regent students interested in breaking into the cinema-television field. I had the privilege of asking him a few questions beforehand.

Mr. Forrest is a member of the prestigious Travelers Century Club. The requirement to become a member of this club is to have traveled to at least 100 countries. Mr. Forrest has traveled to 147. Some of the most interesting places visited by Craig are Russia, Cuba, Chad, China and Kenya.

He started out his career with a degree in Biblical & Theological Studies from the Bethany University.  He had shown talent at a young age in his current field, but he was young and was interested in a lot of things such as missions. Looking back he says he would have gotten his degree in history.

One piece of advice Mr. Forrest offers students hoping to enter the cinema-television field is to “find out what you’re really good,” and develop that skill, “don’t try to be a jack of all trades.”  Another piece of advice is that the relationships you make along the way can be really helpful. For students interested in traveling he suggests that you travel while you are young and impressionable.

Craig Forest worked on the long time reality game show, The Amazing Race during season 14. This show is very successful, winning an Emmy, as it is currently on its 21st season.

Having had experience in both filming and directing, when asked which he preferred, he answered without any hesitation that it was directing.

During his seminar, he listed great ways to make a good impressions upon people in the industry and while you are trying to get a job. Some examples are being able to say no, remaining calm amidst the chaos of everyone else freaking out, learning to please God rather than your bank account, if it is your own company; taking projects that make you lose money in order to get more work in the future, and wording your cover letters in such a way that lists exactly the qualifications the company listed and ending it with “I would love to interview for this position.”

It was such an honor and a great opportunity to interview Mr. Forrest. He has some very valuable knowledge from his extensive experience for all of us, particularly the Communications and the Arts students, to learn from. We should certainly take these into consideration in the future when applying for jobs in our chose field.