Film Franchise Frenzy Continues With Angry Birds

The Angry Birds movie looks less awful than we were expecting.

When Rovio announced that they were going to be venturing into the feature-film industry with the debut of an animated adaption of their insanely popular mobile-game, skepticism was high.  It seems everything is made into a franchise nowadays.  Between Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, and Universal, the reign of franchises and genre films within studios is at an all-time high.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love franchises and genre films.  As many of you have probably figured out, I’m one of the biggest nerds you’ll meet on campus.  I love Marvel, Star Wars, and DC.  I have a Boba Fett statue on my desk, here at work.  My ring tone for text messages is R2-D2’s iconic whistle.  But with all the larger corporations recognizing the profitability of franchises, the market is beginning to get muddled.

So, yes… We were skeptical when we read that Angry Birds is getting a movie.  To be honest, we’re still nervous for its success.  But yesterday’s trailer gave us a sliver of hope….

The cast is solid.  The animation is gorgeous.  The premise is actually pretty funny.  Can Rovio pull this off?  I guess we’ll see next summer, when Angry Birds releases alongside Captain AmericaX-MenAlice in WonderlandWarcraftFinding DoryGhostbustersStar Trek, Bourne, Suicide Squad, and Ice Age!  See what I mean?  Franchises are everywhere.

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