College Time in the Fall

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” – Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail. 

Fall. Although we live on the beach and not in New York City, there is still something enticing about the turning of leaves and the crisp cool air. If you are looking for some fun things to do this fall with your friends or significant other, keep reading!

Rom-Coms: Obviously, one can turn on the TV and start their favorite romantic comedies at any time, but rom-coms during the fall just seem so much sweeter. They are a perfect blend of love and laughter, and fall is an ideal time to watch them because you can cuddle up on the couch with an oversized blanket and a cup of steaming apple cider. As the leaves fall outside your window, watching Tom Hanks fall in love over and over again in You’ve Got Mail, the Money Pit, or Sleepless in Seattle can be a great end to an autumn day.  

Local Farms: Fall finds farmers with apples, pumpkins, squash and corn in their peak season! Greenbrier Farms and Nursery is a fantastic place to get lost in a corn maze, pick your own pumpkin and pet a few bunnies and barn kitties. Greenbrier Farms and Nursery is also runner-friendly if you enjoy a good jog through the woods on an autumn morning. Other great options include Cullipher Farms, Flanagan Farm and Hunt Club Farm, where you can enjoy an afternoon of wagon rides, apple picking, sunflower fields and more! 

Savory Scents: Tie on your apron and head to the kitchen because fall has some of the most scrumptious, sweet and savory delights of all seasons. From roasted chestnuts to zucchini bread to a homemade pumpkin pie, fall is the time to start perfecting your baking and cooking skills. Take advantage of the season and the ripe fruits and veggies to get creative. Host a Friendsgiving to make your time baking that much sweeter or a chili cookoff. You could even have some friends over for a candy apple making party. Don’t waste your apple and citrus scraps; put them in a pot on the stove with some cinnamon and nutmeg to give your apartment a natural fall air freshener. 

Photos and Memories: Grab your besties and dress up for a photo shoot. Whether you go for the cute lattes in leaves with everyone laughing or the ghosts wearing sunglasses, make it your own and enjoy some fun times with friends while you document your college days. Regent University is one of Virginia’s most picturesque college campuses, so take some fun photos to document your time in such a special place. 

A Scenic Trail: Whether you prefer to strap on your hiking boots or get in the car with your favorite music, enjoy a color tour. A day trip up to Shenandoah or the Blue Ridge Parkway would offer spectacular views of the changing leaves, from vibrant maples to the autumn steadfast oaks. Don’t let fall slip away before you have had the chance to enjoy some time outside. If these scenic locations are too far, try visiting First Landing State Park to take a peaceful walk through their bright trails. 

Fall Football: Show your Virginia Beach spirit by putting on some face paint and heading to Kempsville high school to support the local football team. Catch homecoming weekend, watch the parade floats and cheer on your team to victory. You could also grab some friends and catch an Old Dominion home game.  

Cozy Campfires: Whether you choose to spend a night in nature under the twinkling stars with a crackling campfire beside you or choose to be on campus around the propane campfires, enjoy some fall nights outside. With some old and new friends, a guitar, singing voices and card games will be the cinnamon sprinkle on top of any fall evening. 

I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy some of the fall season without too much stress from homework and clubs. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and enjoy life’s little moments. Fall is a special time of the year, so make some time to create precious memories that will last a lifetime. 


Emily Coston

Emily Coston is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.