Career networking event for communication students!

Don’t get caught in the frenzy. Be prepared.

April and May mark a time of mad dashes for employment.
In a rush, seniors bolt for jobs, and all too often, come up short.

Career Services, the on-campus office for all your job-search related needs, is here to give you an opportunity to draw away from this chaos, to network and explore viable employment opportunities, and most importantly, to get a job.Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.59.22 AM

This “lunch and learn” networking event is hosted through the joint efforts of Career Services, the School of Communication and the arts, and various other on-campus student support organizations. It will be taking place April 6, 12pm-2pm.

Students will be given the chance to discuss career opportunities with a wide array of companies offering positions in the field of communication. There will also be a q&a sessions in which said companies will answer questions attendees may have.

The list of companies present includes the following:


  1. New Dominion Pictures
  2. Sinclair Communications
  3. MixKnowledge
  4. DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  5. Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
  6. Germono Advertising Company
  7. Open Door Multi-Media Design
  8. Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Company
  9. Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
  10. Regent University

For those of you interested in working for these companies, or simply desiring to gain experience in networking, this event is perfect for you.

The event will be held in Div. 177.

To register, click here.

Philip Reynolds is the senior editor of The Daily Runner.