Beauty & the Briefcase #2

My fate is sealed.

I landed my dream internship at NBC in New York City.  Upon receiving the phone call offering me the position, I burst into tears and made a poor attempt to make my voice sound calm, cool, and collected over the phone. Since discovering this exciting prospect, I began to compile a list of things that I knew I needed to get together before my expedition to the big city in 2016.

1.) Place to live
2.) Nail salon
3.) Subway pass

Number four on the list is slowly but surely getting crossed off. Now that I have passed the threshold from college awkwardness and sweatpants into the realm known as “adulthood,” I figured I should buy some clothes that reflect my “adultness.” (note: adultness is not a real word) Mommy took the news of my internship as an excuse to go shopping, and we have decided to purchase classic pieces. Just because you want to have classic pieces, doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune.

We hit Steinmart and Target. My white Kasper blazer would normally cost an arm and a leg, but thanks to these things called “sales” and “coupons,” I got it for about $15. I always say that if you are going to go shopping, you might as well do it right. My adorable little heels were less than $20 on sale, and I expect that they will carry me through a great deal of dirty New York City snow.

Hope Hukkeri is a Staff Writer at The Daily Runner.
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