Annual Chili Bowl Celebrates 15 years as Regent’s favorite Fall tradition

This article, written by Daily Runner staff, originally appeared on Regent University’s website.

Robertson Field buzzed with the excitement as Regent University students, alumni, fans and food vendors surrounded the fifteenth annual Chili Bowl Saturday, Nov. 3.

Staff, students, alumni and visitors gathered at Robertson Field to watch the Chili Bowl. Nov. 2018. (Shelly Slocum)

The event kicked off with the all-star flag football game that any player can participate in regardless of their standing in the championship game.

“They’ll start with an all-star game,” said Chanmi Yang’19, College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and member of the Intramural Sports Board (ISB). “That basically just includes players from previous teams that didn’t make it to the championship or championship players that just want to play one final round.”

ISB hosted the event, calling the vendors and sponsoring the games.

“We really just wanna encourage our community to come out in the fall,” said Yang. “That’s kind of what Chili Bowl is.”

Following the all-star game, teams “Giborrim” and “Full Position” circled up for a prayer before competing in the Championship Game.

There were bounce houses for entertainment at the Chili Bowl. Nov. 2018. (Shelly Slocum)

“This is my fourth time being out here. I play every year, so it’s a good feeling,” said Arthur Watson ’22 (CAS). “It’s disappointing, because we didn’t make the Chili Bowl. But I have fun playing with my teammates, you know, just the camaraderie. I enjoy other activities, but my main focus is the football.”

First Edition, Regent University’s premier a capella group, sang the National Anthem prior to the coin-toss with Regent’s founder, chancellor and CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson.

“I love that we can carry on traditions throughout the years,” said Ryen Stone ’20 (CAS). “Tradition is what’s important, keeping the same thing going year after year and seeing all of the new students come in and enjoy things that are being passed down throughout the years.”

Team Giborrim beat Full Possession 33-24. Nov. 2018. (Ryen Stone)

“Giborrim” won the Championship Game 33—24, making their fourth year at the Chili Bowl their best yet.

“I like… obviously, watching the football game,” said Kate McKerley ’19 (CAS), member of ISB. “And then all the extra activities, I definitely want to do the rock-climbing wall.”

In addition to food vendors and the football game, the event had a chili cook-off, a rock wall and five bounce houses for guests to enjoy.

“That’s definitely my favorite part – just seeing all the kids in the community,” said McKerley. “I think it’s really awesome to be part of a campus that has a range of ages that can enjoy this event.”

Shelly Slocum is a department head for the Daily Runner.