Abby Trivett: A Story of Perseverance and Reliance on God

Abby Trivett, The Daily Runner’s former senior editor, is a twenty-two year old graduate student at Regent University. She was a part of The Daily Runner for three and a half years, and throughout her short time in the role, she grew the paper from four returning writers to twenty-five plus in the span of six months. Her incredible perseverance in trusting God despite bleak circumstances was the foundation of this team and bled through every article she released. After being granted a position as a copywriter in Florida, Abby is handing her position over to Jordan Lance, the former managing editor, and is moving forward towards the bigger and better things God has planned for her. 

Abby first found her love for writing in elementary school, using her free time to write short stories and enter creative writing competitions. She soon realized that God had placed a special calling on her life in this area, and she began to develop and hone those skills for His glory. Fast-forwarding to her freshman year of college, Abby desperately wanted to get involved on campus, and The Daily Runner was a no-brainer. She quickly rose in the ranks as she wrote articles and exhibited commitment to excellent writing; becoming a department head and finally taking over as editor during her senior semester. Her time at The Daily Runner had always been leading up to this opportunity.

When Abby stepped into the role of editor, her returning staff consisted of four people, including herself. She had no idea how to convince people to sign on in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, but she decided to take a leap of faith and asked that the returners meet her at the office in order to establish a game plan for the semester. No one showed. Abby was devastated, but she continued to go to the office every single day and pray. Day by day, more and more people contacted her about wanting to write, until she had a full staff publishing articles at least every other day.

It wasn’t long after The Daily Runner was up and running again that Abby was faced with even more challenges. Now that she had many different people pitching her ideas and writing on a daily basis, she had to learn how to communicate with writers and build them up in order to bring out their best work. She found that she didn’t have to be “scary” or threatening in order to be a good editor, but rather that the best editors have dedication, perseverance, and good listening skills. The ultimate role as an editor, she believes, is to grow their staff to be better writers and better people.

One of her favorite articles that she has ever written was an article she wrote called “What to reflect on during the Easter season.” She discussed the Old Testament prophecies of Christ’s coming, Christ’s eternal resurrection, and His future return. This article is not only special to her because of the profound truths she wrote about, but also because it became part of one of her family member’s journey in accepting Christ. She notes that her favorite works have always been about testaments to who God is.

Abby may not have felt ready to take on this role during the Covid-19 shutdown in March 2020, but she blossomed in every way and made this job her own. She learned the importance of rejoicing in the Lord wherever He placed her, as well as His faithfulness in providing her every need. In all things, she asks that He be given the glory for her accomplishments, as she could have never made it this far without His Spirit’s unerring guidance. The Daily Runner will truly miss Abby as its editor, and is thankful for all she dedicated to making it what it is today.


Katelyn Condrey

Katelyn Condrey is a department head for The Daily Runner.