A Bucket List Syllabus

Curiosity steers us in the direction to be the people we have always wanted. It is why we buy an airplane ticket to an unfamiliar country, engage in conversation with the waitress at our favorite restaurant, and read that bestseller everyone has been talking about.

As humans, we all have a curiosity itch that every once in a while, the daily routine has to be interrupted in order for it to be satisfied. Some of us channel that desire into our everyday, while others are content with the spontaneous. But however you engage your curiosity, it is only a matter of time before it craves exposure to something new as you begin (or continue) to make Regent your home away from home.

You probably have piles of graduation cards at home reading, “Congrats on the start of a new chapter in your life.” It’s a great statement and honestly, one I use often. But as you are writing this chapter – one that during many late nights in high school you probably perceived its completion further away than it actually was – don’t forget to use that pen to check off some important items that will make your college chapter truly memorable.

Here is your guide to a Regent Bucket List:

1) Take in the sights while on a hike in Shenandoah National Park for the adventurer in you that’s waiting to stop reading about nature from a textbook and start experiencing it for yourself. The National Park Service website has a helpful guide to get the most out of your visit.

2) Take in the sounds during a concert at the Norva. Located in the heart of Norfolk, is always hosting a performance that your earbuds just can’t do justice.

3) Take a picture with a picture at the Chrysler Museum of Art. See the fingerprints of artists through their crafted images and sculptures that will leave you stunned, and relieved because it’s free admission!

4) Take on the waves while learning how to surf on the Virginia Beach Ocean Front. People normally walk or jog, but surfing may give you a new perspective on traveling.

5) Take a trip to the CBN building and watch a live taping of the 700 Club. You now attend a school where internationally broadcasted programs are produced each week. You are invited to join the live studio audience and witness the power of TV as influential Christian leaders discuss relevant topics at no cost to you!

6) Take an usher position during a Regent theater production. There’s something special about a story being told across a stage, and as an usher, you get to experience that story for free as well! For more information visit the box office in the Communications Building or call them at 757.352.4245.

7) Take a friend and join an intramural sports team together. Instead of just watching a college sports game from the sidelines or from the other side of a screen, join a team on campus and refine your skills in volleyball, basketball, flag football, and many more.

8) Take your prayer list and agree with other intercessors. Prayer is crucial for whatever season of life you may be going through, and college is certainly no exception. Start your Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. in the Chapel Prayer Room inviting God to do what only He can do.

9) Take a walk to Cook Out for milkshakes. What is college without milkshakes? It’s as if the two are synonymous. Whether it’s before an exam, a late-night celebration after one, or somewhere in between, milkshakes and friends seem to always make for some flavorful memories.

10) Take your pen and join The Daily Runner. We all have a story to tell so why not use your college experience to sharpen your writing skills and be a part of telling the stories that matter? If interested email us at: thedailyrunnereditors@gmail.com

The next time you feel curiosity wanting to take the wheel, just let it, because you never know what part of the chapter it could be leading you to write.

Julia Selwyn

Julia Selwyn

Julia Selwyn is a Department Head for the Daily Runner.