7 Things Socially Accepted In College Culture But Not The ‘Real World’

As we approach the zaniness of finals week, let’s try to figure out which of your habits you probably shouldn’t take home.

If you’ve been a college student for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed by now the unique patterns that are acceptable at universities that are not in the ‘real world’. Here are a few more to take note of:

Nap anywhere anytime.
If you decide to curl up on that bench on the way to a class you just decided to skip and take a nap instead, ain’t nobody gonna judge you. If you have really good classmates, they may even bring you a pillow. We get it.

Go shoeless.
Not sure why this one is quite so accepted, but it is. Maybe not by the rule book, but by most everyone you come across, except maybe me. I don’t really get this one. But please, don’t let me stop you.

Eat ramen like it is one of the main food groups.
It’s cheap, it’s easy, and there are so many flavors. It even comes in soup now. Despite it’s lack of nutritional value, it’s a really financially solid meal plan.

Dress like a lumberjack.
Call it a hipster, call it basic white girl, call it fall wardrobe, call it what you will, but lumberjacks are real, and they are all over college campuses.

Not wear real pants several days in a row.
Sweats, basketball shorts, yoga pants, and the like become actual attire some weeks. Sometimes putting on jeans is just too much to ask.

Eat anything anywhere.
You can eat in lecture, chapels, on the way to class, sitting down, standing up, driving a car, riding a bike, wherever you please. And we aren’t just talking granola bars here either, we’re talking full-on meals if you will.

Using slang like it’s real vocabulary.
Words like ‘fam’, ‘fleek’, and ‘adulting’ are used on a regular basis. Not actual words, but still thriving at our universities. Ironic that these artificial words thrive at our educational centers.

Take advantage of some of these things before you graduate. You won’t always be able to nap and eat anywhere. This is a privilege guys, a real privilege.

Bre Thornton is a contributor to the Daily Runner.