5 Best On-Campus Study Spots

Studying and keeping up with assignments can be tough during finals week. However, finding the right spot to buckle down and weather down through it can make all the difference. 

Work Before Play

For most, December entails spreading Christmas cheer and embracing the season with loved ones. For college students though, the month of Christmas cheer and joy is a slightly different narrative. Before they participate in the festivities, they must first make it past the dreaded gauntlet of Finals Week. Though tempting, sitting in dorm rooms as movie marathons and Christmas parties take place all around may not be the wisest choice for those who really need to crack down and get work done. Thankfully, there are plenty of locations to study around campus. Here are just a few places students can barricade themselves into this next week:

1. The Library

The first floor of Regent University's library, Virignia Beach, VA (Regent University).

The first floor of Regent University’s library, Virignia Beach, VA (Regent University).

While this location might be one of the most obvious choices, the library contains many different environments suited for different kinds of studying. The first floor has banks of computers for student use as well as tables for group study. Interestingly enough, the further one ascends in the Library, the quieter it gets (the cubicles on the second floor are my favorite). Study rooms are available for groups who need a more private space than that found on the first floor. The balcony on the third floor is very peaceful and has both couches and tables for both comfy, as well as serious study sessions.

2. Picnic Tables

Winter has come, and thus it’s really cold out right now,. However, Virginia weather has the likelihood to change at the drop of a hat, and residents often find themselves blessed with random 70 degree days, perfect for studying outside.

Finding themselves tired of being cooped up inside, studying in the open air might be a nice change of pace for the ragged student suffering from cabin fever. Plus, people watching is also a great way to take breaks in between cramming sessions, and there’s aways the chance of running into some friends walking back from their classes. Though the wind might get annoying and nature is sometimes gross, the picnic tables are a relatively peaceful place to study on a beautiful day.

3. Empty Classrooms

According to claims, various psychologists have concluded that studying in the same classroom, in the same seat one will take a test in, aids in remembering material better while taking the actual test. The brain forms associations with the environment and the information which can allow people to recall information easier when it comes to test time. Beyond this, empty classrooms guarantee a quiet space and can help get even the weariest of students into the academic mindset. Of course, it always is smart to check the room’s schedule to make sure that studying time won’t impede upon someone’s lecture.

Cafe Moka's Regent on-campus shop, Virginia Beach, VA (Regent University).

Cafe Moka’s Regent on-campus shop, Virginia Beach, VA (Regent University).

4. Student Center Cafe Moka

When searching for a more social setting to study, look no further. The coffee shop vibe is relaxing and creates a soothing atmosphere perfect for hunkering down to do some reading. Tables and comfy chairs provide perfect places from which to work on a laptop, or organize group study sessions, and the large windowsills offer ample space to lay out books for papers. Bringing headphones is always a good idea too, as the Student Center has the potential to get loud at times.

5. Trees

With the Eno fad in high swing, reading amongst the branches is one of the best way for one to cocoon from outside distractions. A change of posture could give the back and neck a break from hunching over notes, and snuggling up with blankets can create a cozy studying environment, even in December.

Whether studying in a room, or somewhere on campus, make sure to get plenty of sleep and eat well this week.Though these things don’t seem as important as that paper due by 11:59 p.m., it’s always crucial to have a rested mind and body. This is the home stretch; finish the semester strong!