4 Books You Need to Read Over Thanksgiving Break

When I think back to middle and high school when I used to spend hours on end engrossed in a good book, it makes me sad that I don’t read as vigorously or as frequently as I used to. Reading is medicine to the mind and soul, so I sincerely regret that I haven’t dedicated as much time to it in recent years. But luckily, Thanksgiving break is swiftly approaching, which means there’ll be plenty of time to curl up on a couch with a full stomach and a good book. That being said, here are four fabulous books that you should definitely devour over Thanksgiving break. 

Written by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman
Genre: Thriller
Rating 5/5

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t drink nearly enough water, but Dry definitely made me reevaluate my whole life, which in turn made me very thirsty, which in turn proves that it’s an extremely invigorating read. Dry is set in the near future, where a severe drought is sweeping across the United States. Unrest is growing, communities are turning on each other, and death via dehydration is an imminent threat. The novel follows young siblings Alyssa and Garret as they make a haphazard cross-country trek in search of water, safe haven, and hope in the midst of chaos and an ever-increasing death toll. Spine-tinglingly intense and truly captivating, once you pick Dry up, it’s nearly impossible to put it down. 

Walk Two Moons
Written by Sharon Creech
Genre: Coming of Age
Rating: 100/5

I’ve read this book too many times to count, and I truly don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. Walk Two Moons tells the story of Sal, a reserved teenage girl who’s struggling to cope after being abandoned by her mother. After moving to a new town, Sal’s life changes when she meets a kindred spirit in a plucky girl named Phoebe, whose mother has just gone missing. With Phoebe at her side, Sal sets out to find herself and discover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance. Walk Two Moons is an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish. It’s amusing and charming at times and devastatingly sad at others. The story cleverly hides a major plot twist in plain sight, and by the time you’ve reached the last page, you’ll probably want to immediately read it all over again, which you obviously should. 

Little Women
Written by Louisa May Alcott
Genre: Coming of Age
Rating: 5/5

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Little Women is a national treasure. This book embodies all things beautiful, bittersweet, and comforting, and it is the perfect story to read on Thanksgiving while surrounded by the people you love. The novel follows the heartwarming triumphs, tragedies and misadventures of the four March sisters throughout their adolescence. Whenever I read Little Women, I am profoundly reminded of the prevailing value of family and how important it is to treasure the time we have with our loved ones, a sentiment very fitting for the holiday season. If you’ve never read this book, please read it immediately, and if you have, it’s definitely worth reading again. 

Saint Anything
Written by Sarah Dessen
Genre: Romance
Rating: 4/5

Saint Anything never fails to draw out my inner hopeless romantic and make my insides feel like warm melted marshmallows. The story follows Sydney, a quiet girl who’s spent the majority of her life living in the shadow of her gifted older brother. After a tragic accident changes her family forever, Sydney is given the chance to find love, inner peace, and herself. I’ll admit that I’m often a bit too quick to dismiss sappy romance novels, but Saint Anything really surprised me. It’s a read that’ll leave you with a dopey smile on your face and a warm, cozy feeling in your stomach. Sweet, whimsical, and swoon-worthy, Saint Anything is the perfect way to wile away a fall evening. 

So make yourself a cup of tea, throw on your comfiest clothes, find a cozy lil’ nook, and spend some of your Thanksgiving break nourishing your mind and soul with a good book. 

All featured images courtesy of Barnesandnoble.com.