3 Things to Know About Regent’s Study Abroad Trip

Have you considered Regent’s Study Abroad trip? Though it may intimidate you, don’t be so quick to cross this trip off your wish-list. 

Having gone on this trip myself last summer, I learned that this trip is much different than most people think. Here are a few things every student should know before making a decision:

You don’t have to be an English major. 

This trip is not only for English majors– it is for anyone who enjoys not only reading about but experiencing adventures. A literary excursion might sound like something only a “book worm” would do; however, that could not be further from the truth. 

Regent’s Study Abroad trip focuses on key historical and cultural sites in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England—places that provided the spark of inspiration for some of the world’s greatest writers.

For those who are not writers, or even readers, chances are this trip can provide inspiration for that next discussion board post or project. If nothing else, learning about influential men and women can be a source of inspiration for your life.

The year I went to England and Scotland, there were many students traveling alongside me who had various majors. Whether a Communication, Biophysical Science, or Business major, this trip can be enjoyable for anyone. 

There is no need to feel intimidated for fear of being the only non-English major on this trip. Over ethnic meals, cultural excursions, and simply being in another country together, this trip bonds students together and can create lasting friendships.

The trip is baptism by fire—in the best way.

Have you ever drunk from a fire hose before? No? Just me? Well as you can imagine, Regent’s Study Abroad trip will force you to do so by completely immersing you in rich cultures containing history and wisdom that have stood the test of time. 

Dr. Pete Fraser, who chaperone’s this trip, can be thought of as the fire hose and visiting ancient castles as the water.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England, few things could provide a better understanding of their cultures than watching a play at the Globe Theater or a trip to Mount Snowden. This trip yields another stamp for the travel-lover’s passport while granting the opportunity to learn about some of the most dreamy, culturally-rich places in the world.

This trip isn’t as much about your credits as it is about your life. 

Books open, pencils out, lectures on lectures—the image some may get when thinking about “studying” abroad. 

Rather than this boring picture, think about visiting the local coffee shop where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, staying at a country-inn–that’s also a sheep farm–where the host makes you home-cooked meals or listening to Dr. Fraser share stories of rich history while standing in the midst of century-old castles.

This trip is not about taking a class– although it is a great class– it’s about the experience; one that will not feed your fear of hitting the books every night while in another country. 

While abroad, students are taken to some of the most foundational sources of literary genius and learn how literature is integrated into every piece of history. At night, they have time to explore with other students, visit coffee shops or local restaurants and see how people on the other side of the world live. 

Few experiences will grow you more than train rides through the English countryside, or a tour through the Lake District and Highlands of Scotland where some of the greatest writers received their most profound inspiration.

So maybe you feel compelled to drink from a fire hose, visit sheep farms, or even have new experiences altogether. At the simplest level, I can truly say this trip provides the perfect environment for reflection and imagination.

There is nothing quite like communing with fellow students over a traditional, home-cooked Scottish breakfast, walking the revered halls of Oxford University, or a tour of C.S. Lewis’ home, The Kilns. 

Whether you know who William Wordsworth is or not, this trip holds experiences that can inspire and mature you in more ways than you can imagine.