Koch Leaders Program

With the emergence of economic crises in the 21st century, there is a need for Christian leaders to join the conversations on public policy and the free market system. If you are a junior or senior interested in engaging in these topics, the Koch Leaders Program is for you. 

This program lasts ten weeks in the spring semester and allows students to engage in reading and dialogue concerning economic research and principles. It is open to 20 students and will last from February 6 to April 17. If you are an honors student, you can earn 10 LIFE points for participating. The amazing opportunity is made possible by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. 

During the meetings, students get to hear prominent speakers discuss modern issues concerning faith, vocation, and economics. Philip White, who participated last year, noted that he was introduced to philosophies of prominent economic figures like Schumpeter, Mises, and Jeffrey Tucker at the conference. “The program benefits people from any ideology because we studied all economic systems through a Christian lens,” he shared. “We engaged in lively debates that fostered intellectual and spiritual growth.” 

He also shared that the program helped him learn how to defend his economic views: “It taught me to defend my convictions that capitalism is not only the best system for an economy to flourish but also a compassionate system that God designed us to follow.” 

Both on-campus and distance students are able to join and will graduate with distinct honors. White urged fellow students to join the program because ultimately “economics is about how society interacts with one another, [so] the Koch Leaders Program equips tomorrow’s leaders by allowing them to understand those interactions and lead others wielding that greater understanding.” 

No matter what your major is, all undergraduate students are encouraged to take hold of this opportunity to grow as an effective community member in the economic world. The QR code for the application is below, but also feel free to email Professor Rob Schwarzwalder with any questions you have: rschwarzwald@regent.edu.