Election Day is Here!

As Regent students prepare to elect their next Secretary-Treasurer, we analyze what’s happening and reach out to each of the candidates to make their voices heard.

Campaign posters littering the hallways and flyers shoved under doors means it’s that time again – election season. Less controversial than the presidential election, the College Student Leadership Board (CSLB) needs the Regent body to cast their vote for a new Secretary-Treasurer. With all of the campaigning happening on campus, most of us have probably heard about the election. But what are candidates Charlie Jones, Victoria Kent, and Luke Sprinkel even running for?

The position of Secretary-Treasurer combines the positions secretaries and treasurers traditionally hold in organizations. The official description of the position can be found in the organization’s bylaws, but their role within CSLB is to essentially handle communications and publications, keep meeting notes, and manage monetary matters. Michael Wigginton, the president of the Student Activities Board, described the CSLB as “the ambassadors for the student body. They petition for students and student organizations to the administration in which they have tremendously helped SAB.” This election is important to Regent students as one of the major responsibilities of the Secretary-Treasurer is overseeing the distribution of funds to student organizations on campus.

Meet the Candidates

Election flyers for each of the candidates hanging up in the Regent Commons. (Sara Waits)

Senior Charlie Jones said, “I’m thrilled to have been a part of this election cycle. Having people so involved with the process makes me very excited for the future of the College Student Leadership Board.” On the topic of Jones’ experience, Josh Misantone commented, “[Charlie Jones] is president of the Communications honor society, was vice-president of the Student Activities Board for two years… and has great connections across the board with both faculty and staff.”

Though Victoria Kent is only a freshman, she has shadowed the previous Secretary-Treasurer in preparation for the office. According to her campaign statement, she previously served as a secretary for her high school and is “organized, [has] an eye for detail, and a hard worker.” Through this position, Kent hopes to understand the needs of the students and serve Regent University.

Luke Sprinkel, a Criminal Justice major and experienced Representative At-Large on CSLB, said he is committed to bringing “real change” to Regent University. His vision for CSLB is for them to focus less on simply hosting events for select groups of students, because “the students of Regent University need a real student government that will address concerns regarding housing, classes, and the community.”

Cast your Ballot

Getting students involved in their student government is essential. “A more well-known student government is a more influential student government. A more influential student government is a more efficient one because it will empower the voice of the student body,” comment Wigginton, “It’s a win-win for students, organizations, and you!”

If you haven’t cast your vote yet, you can do so through the MyRegent portal. Go to Genisys and select “Personal Information.” From there select “Answer a Survey,” and the poll for Secretary-Treasurer will be on the list of available surveys. You will be able to vote for your choice of candidate until midnight tonight, January 10.

Sara Waits is a staff writer for the Daily Runner.