Coach Spotlight: Coach Brian Wilson

Coach Brian Wilson is a basketball man through and through. Beginning his career in high school, he continued to play in an intramural league during his time at the University of Virginia (UVA) while pursuing a degree in sociology. He began coaching in his third year at UVA, volunteering as a junior varsity basketball coach at the high school where his uncle was the head coach. It was through this experience that he realized coaching was his passion and what he wanted to pursue. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he continued on in school to get his teaching certificate and was hired as a high school freshman coach at Monticello High School in 1998. From there, he climbed the ladder until he became a head varsity coach. 

After coaching at the varsity level, he was offered a position at a postgraduate school in Charlotte, North Carolina but declined when he experienced kidney failure and needed a transplant before the start of the season. Recovered from his transplant, Coach Wilson moved to Virginia Beach, where he was offered a coaching position at a prep school. His plan was to coach postgraduate students, but the school did not remain open for very long, leaving him once again looking to the Lord for direction. He was soon approached by Dr. Botta, the former athletic director at Regent, who asked if he would be interested in applying for the head women’s basketball coach position at Regent University. He was and officially became a part of the Royals family in January of 2021. His first season was in the 2021-22 academic year, and he continues now in the 2022-23 year. 

The events that led to Coach Wilson’s time at Regent were unexpected; however, he is grateful for the journey and his current position. “I always feel God’s calling is on purpose,” he shared.

Among all the lessons Coach Wilson has learned from his time as a basketball coach, the biggest is that “coaching basketball is about more than just a game of basketball. There’s a lot of similarities to other things in life. Life lessons come out through the game.” He believes that basketball is important, but learning the fundamentals is not just about the game–it’s about developing life skills that you can take with you on and off the court. 

Coach Wilson’s philosophy for coaching comes down to a few key points. One of his goals is that his team works to get better every day. He also makes a point to integrate his faith into his coaching style. His team has devotionals led by a member of the Royals, and he encourages his players both in word and deed to share their burdens with one another so that they can be lifted up in prayer. His faith is not separate from his team–rather, it is a center point that drives the goals, plans and dreams for the girls he coaches.  

We hope to see his team succeed this season, growing and learning the sport more in every practice. Support our Regent Royals and their coaches by coming out to their games and cheering as they press on diligently to play with their all for the Lord!