Your major as a drink at Cafe Moka

Welcome to the ultimate personality guide for Regent students who love to drink coffee. 

Criminal Justice: Espresso
Criminal Justice majors are concise, blunt, and right to the point. The Criminal Justice field is full of lawyers, prosecutors, and police officers. When working a job in the C.J. field, there is no room for error. Espresso is the most intense and no-nonsense drink that Café Moka offers. Espresso is approximately two ounces of highly concentrated and caffeinated coffee. It’s the perfect drink for an officer working the night shift.

Business: Americano
Business majors can be intense and elusive. People that work in the business field are straight to the point; however, they’re are also known to be smooth talkers. What you see is not always what you get. An americano perfectly represents a business major. An americano is a fairly intense drink that is supposed to be similar to a regular cup of coffee. Do not be fooled; an americano is actually just espresso with a lot of hot water added. It can fool someone who does not drink coffee a lot, just as a business major can fool someone who does not understand the business world.

Biblical Studies: Mokatini
Thebiblical studies major encompasses a lot of different curriculum material. Generally students will study Bible passages, famous theologians, and church history. While all these units are essential to a major in biblical studies, the core of this major is the Gospel. A Mokatini is somewhat of a flashy drink. It is made with a combination of flavor, cream, ice, and served in a really unique glass. While these things add-on to the Mokatini, the core of a Mokatini is four shots of espresso. Espresso is the most important aspect of the coffee industry and is at the heart of the Mokatini. Without espresso the drink is useless. Similar to the Mokatini, there is a wide variety of knowledge obtained as a biblical studies major; however, the major is useless without the Gospel.

Education: Summer Crush Soda
Education majors focus their career on educating children. Many times they have to adjust their teaching style and classroom environment to better suit the needs of a child. For this very reason, the Summer Crush Soda is the perfect drink for an education major. Not only is the Summer Crush Soda a kid favorite, but the soda comes in almost every flavor and flavor combination.

Psychology: Prana Chai Latte
There is something about psychology majors that’s just different. They dive deep into the mind of patients to uproot a problem. They are uniquely made to help solve some of the most difficult problems. Prana Chai is one of the most unique drinks on the menu. It is a loose leaf chai steeped in soy milk. This drink takes time and patience to make, similar to someone in the psychology field; it takes a lot of patience before one can witness lasting results.

Biophysical Science: Vanilla Coke Macchiato
Biophysical science majors have the opportunity to study some of the most interesting scientific theories in their classes. They are known to be hard workers that are not afraid of failure in the lab. Scientists quantify lab failure and success to help them better understand the experiment at hand. Anyone ordering a Vanilla Coke Macchiato must be ready for the drink to overflow at any given time. This drink has a great combination of flavor and danger. The carbonated coke and high pressured espresso can sometimes turn into a volcano of carbonated espresso. The risk that goes into drinking a VCM is similar to the risk that a BPS major goes through every day in class.

English: Lavender Latte
English majors are known for both their creativity and disciplined work ethic. Being an English major requires a lot of reading and writing. While the homework the major entails is both artistic and creative, the amount of work can be intense. A lavender latte is a great mix of espresso and a unique floral flavor. People that drink lavender lattes are usually a creative and disciplined bunch.

Communication Arts: Sea Salt Roasted Hazelnut Dark Cocoa
The Communications and Arts field is full of flash and excitement. This field includes acting, theater, cinema television, communication, and animation. Someone skilled in any one of these majors can create different forms of art that can capture real beauty. They dazzle audiences and those consuming their art, mesmerizing with the flash of great production. Not only is the Sea Salt Roasted Hazelnut Dark Cocoa’s name flashy, but the drink itself catches looks from across the room. It’s is a combination of hazelnut, dark cocoa, whipped cream, and a sea salt sprinkle. Similar to the artistic aspects of communication arts’, this drink steals the spotlight.

Math: Espresso Tonic
It takes a special mind to be able to commit to a career in mathematics. Math majors deal with calculus, algebra, geometry, and even theoretical mathematics on a daily basis. They must explain complex math problems to the people that do not understand them, and find satisfaction in solving difficult problems. Espresso tonic perfectly describes a math major. Most people either don’t like this drink, don’t understand the drink, or are scared of this drink. However, the people that drink one regularly, love and appreciate its complexity and uniqueness. Similar to mathematician’s problems, it takes a complex palet to understand the espresso tonic.

Government: Blackberry Coffee Lemonade
The Blackberry Coffee Lemonade is one of the most beloved drinks on the Café Moka menu. It is a seasonal, iced beverage that’s only sold in the summer. When the drink is on the menu, people rave about its distinct and delicious taste. But for the nine months that the drink is not on the menu, people complain of how they wish it was a year-round drink. For all these reasons, the BCL is the perfect representation for a government major. In short, the government seems to be getting along; everyone seems happy. However, for the rest of the year, the government is in gridlock with citizens, who are angry and disgruntled with it. Just as everyday citizens are on the government time, customers are on Blackberry Coffee Lemonade’s time.

I.T.: Siphon
Information Technology can be can be one of the most complex majors. It is a mix of coding and algebraic equations. Without the proper training, working in the IT field would be extremely difficult and complex. The Siphon is arguably the most complex method of making coffee. It involves a combination of stirring, filtering, pouring, and maintaining a certain water temperature. Most people do not want to wait 10 minutes for a cup of coffee that is really hot and hard to drink. However, the people that do wait the 10 minutes generally love coffee brewed on a siphon. Similarly, most people do not want to go through years of coding and math, but the people that do go through the training love their career.

Abraham Moreno-Riano is the Managing Editor of The Daily Runner.

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