Virginia Beach family impacts community in memory of their daughter

Last weekend, the community gathered to do community service in honor of Paige Neubauer.

DoingGood for Paige

The flyer for DoGood Day that was used by the community to spread word about DoGood Day. March 2018. (Lynn Neubauer).

The flyer for DoGood Day that was used by the community to spread word about DoGood Day, Mar. 2018. (Lynn Neubauer)

On the morning of Saturday, Mar. 31, members of the community gathered at St Luke’s United Methodist Church where they divided into groups to participate in community service across the Hampton Roads area in honor of Paige Neubauer, 21, who passed away on March 31, 2017.

Neubauer, a member of Virginia Tech’s Delta Gamma sorority, took great joy in helping others through activities such as community service, which inspired the event.

“Paige was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my entire life,” said Caroline Cogan, Delta Gama’s chapter president, in an interview with The Roanoke Times. “I don’t have any memories of when she didn’t have a smile on her face. Our sorority’s motto is ‘do good,’ and she lived by that motto.”

DoGood Day was named after Delta Gamma’s motto “do good” and was orchestrated by Neubauer’s family.

“I am still floating on a cloud about yesterday’s DoGood Day turnout and the good that was done all over the world,” said Lynn Neubauer, Paige’s mother.

Lynn Neubauer stands at St Luke's United Methodist Church preparing for DoGood Day. March 2018.

Lynn Neubauer stands at St Luke’s United Methodist Church preparing for DoGood Day, Mar. 2018.

Making a difference

Over 219 people volunteered to participate in one of the 12 community service jobs, which included things such as working at a nursing home, Huricaine Matthew cleanup, and a food drive.

“Today we participated with our neighborhood and friends as we took part in DoGood Day in honor of Paige Neubauer,” wrote Allison Makovec in a Facebook post. “I had the pleasure to lead a team of young men by completing yard work for a fellow parishioner of Charity United Methodist Church.”

The family held a cookout at St Luke’s where volunteers could return for music, food, and activities such as corn hole and spike ball.

“When we were finished she led us in prayer speaking of our dear Paige,” said Makovec. “We headed back for fellowship, food and fun.”

A world-wide event

In addition to the activities that went on in the Hampton Roads area, friends of Neubauer DidGood all across the world.

Volunteers honored Neubauer by doing crafts with residents at La Torre Residencial. March 2018. (Sara Gomez).

Volunteers honored Neubauer by doing crafts with residents at La Torre Residencial, Mar. 2018. (Sara Gomez)

Volunteers in Spain visited the residents of La Torre Residencial and did spring-time crafts with them.

“From the centre we have wanted to be part of this very beautiful and enriching initiative for both them and our elders,” wrote La Torre Residencial.

Ken and Vickie Krogulecki, friends of Neubauer, gave blood at a blood drive on DoGood day.

“It looks like such a wonderful turnout and the sun is shining so bright here in Dallas,” wrote Chrissy Andreola on Lynn Neubauer’s Facebook page. “Definitely feeling Paige all around me today.”

“I can’t wait to see all the posts,” wrote Neubauer. “So proud of my community of friends and family.”

Shelly Slocum is a staff writer for The Daily Runner.