Trying to run from your problems? There’s an app for that


Cutting ties with an ex can be a difficult and painful process—one that can be worsened when you accidentally encounter that person in public. This awkwardness might even cause some people to avoid certain places or social gatherings so that they can avoid seeing that person. But that’s just what happens when you have a break-up, right?

Well, not anymore. Now there’s an app for that. According to CNN, after accidentally running into his ex numerous times in a matter of months, Brian Moore developed an app called Cloak to help others avoid running into people they may not be so inclined to see.


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Believe it or not, this app breaks no legal privacy boundaries. It works by simply compiling data from Foursquare and Instagram to alert you when you are near someone you have “flagged.” Of course this makes the app irrelevant if the person you are trying to avoid doesn’t use such apps or update them regularly.

There has been rising concern surrounding the “anti-social” aspect of Cloak. While an app like this might help us avoid awkward situations, will it in turn make us unable to deal with such situations when they are unavoidable?

What do you think? Are you going to be downloading Cloak? For more information on this app, check out this video on Fox . Or if you want to take a look for yourself, you can download it for free from your app store.