Student Org. Saturday: College Republicans

New to Regent this semester is the College Republicans. The College Republicans are a group of students, learning about current political issues and how to be involved as a Republican student. President Jacob Neer spoke to the Daily Runner about the purpose of the organization and the vision he has for the club in the future.

“The goal of College Republicans is to provide a platform where Regent students can learn about politics and engage on a deeper level with local Republican Politics. We plan on doing work with different Republican campaigns around the Virginia Beach area,” Neer explained.

College Republicans have some significant events planned for their members. Up next is a trip to go to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). CPAC has featured many prominent Republicans including presidents.

“More than anything, it will give you that recharge to get you into politics,” said Neer.

The College Republicans also often have speakers from the Republican Party attend their meetings. At the first meeting, Tina Mapes, chairwoman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party, addressed the new club. The next meeting included Matt Cooley from the Trump campaign.

Meetings happen every Wednesday from 6-7 p.m. in room Robertson Hall 116. There is a $5 fee to join, but with all the speakers you get to hear and the connections you can make, that small fee is definitely worthwhile.

The College Republicans are a young, up-and-coming group of students with a thirst for politics. If you are interested in politics, you should check them out. They have a lot to offer the students of Regent, and they would love to see you at their next meeting.