Smarty Ring steals the show in the world of wearable technology

Ready for the next big thing in high-tech? Meet the tiny device that promises to revolutionize wearable technology—–Smarty Ring. Smarty Ring will allow users to access text, social media networks and incoming calls.


The fashionable yet easily portable device is compatible to those of Bluetooth and iOS and or Android technology. Allowing users to use any accessory to make the transition from one device to another accessible. The ring features a small LED screen which tells time, however other features such as microphone or camera are not incorporated into the device.

The idea for this project began last year and the device is said to be released sometime this April. Customers, however, are offered the chance to purchase their own piece of this slick technology right from the Smarty Ring website. Pre-orders can be placed in an affordable of about $275.

The Smarty Ring although wearable fashion has already received skepticism on whether the device will be able to fit all sized fingers. Although the promotional video displays various models wearing the ring, some consumers are still unsure if the product will be as successful as expected.