Regent University’s first official photography club launches

“I just love helping, sharing what I know and working with students” ~ Patrick Wright

In recent months, Regent University has been expanding its horizons with the addition of new clubs and athletic programs. One of the newest additions is the Photography Club. The Photography Club is overseen by Patrick Wright, who has been working at Regent for eighteen years. Mr. Wright has a bachelor’s degree in studio art and an MFA in photography with an emphasis in fine arts. Along with Mr. Wright, the club is led by President Katherine Budny and Vice President Nic Reynolds – both Regent students.

Patrick Wright explaining the importance of lighting when taking pictures. Virginia Beach, Va, April 7, 2017. (Bo Matsuda) 

“We found a mutual appreciation of photography [with] a lot of students. I thought it was kind of surprising that there wasn’t already a photography club. So, why not just come together and collaborate?” said Reynolds when asked about the reason for starting the club. With occasional meetings and workshops, the students are able to learn about the technical side to photography. In short, the club’s main purpose is to serve as an outlet for students to learn and share their creativity through photography.

While they’re given space to bounce ideas off of each other, the club is a place where members constantly receive constructive criticism, experiment with different types of photography, and learn lighting techniques. Furthermore, they also learn about marketable skills – digital photography, film, posing shots, field of depth, black and white shots, and numerous other concepts. They will learn “all the things that we want to add… [to their] portfolio,” Budny said.

Students learn about lighting during the photography club’s meeting. Virginia Beach, Va. April 7, 2017. (Bo Matsuda)

“I think it would be an awesome opportunity for Mr. Wright to teach the students,” Budny said. “It’s important to learn the arts of photography but to also have fun and see the other students’ expression of art and everything.” Both Budny and Reynolds have expressed that they are looking at the start of this club as a class, and a chance to learn from Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright hopes the success of the club will lead to photography courses on campus.

The main goal for the Photography Club members is to share and learn the valuable skills of photography while building a community of like-minded Christians.

Students can connect with the Photography Club through their Facebook page, RU Photography Club or email at for any questions.

The next workshop will be held Tuesday, April 18th at 1:30 in RH. Room is TBD.

Nicole Thurber is a contributor to The Daily Runner. 

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Club President and Vice Presidetnt Katherine Budny and Nic Reynolds in New York City, N.Y. April 1, 2017. (Katherine Budny and Nic Reynolds)