Reflections on a Year with Campus Ministries

I don’t know about you, but something about the end of the school year makes me nostalgic. I start thinking about all my favorite memories and look back through all my pictures. I reflect on what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, and how different life feels from when the year started. 

As we prepare to close out yet another academic year, I asked some friends in Campus Ministries to share some of their favorite memories/moments and how they have grown while serving our campus community this year. 

Caleb Cummings, the Outreach Coordinator and a senior this year, shared: “I think my favorite memory was missions week! I absolutely loved seeing the campus come together to learn about the needs all around the world and then practically serve through Operation Christmas Child. I have loved seeing our community be affected by the work of the outreach team!”

Moriah Scott, a member of the Apprenticeship Program in the Outreach department, shared: “Being an outreach apprentice taught me A LOT, but I think the thing I needed to learn the most is that outreach doesn’t have to be serious all the time, and ministry can be so fun!” 

The joy of ministry was also noted by Life Group Captain Catie Dansby when she remarked that a memory she is particularly fond of was watching the movie Princess Protection Program with the girls on the discipleship team. She also noted: “I think something I learned is that even though there were many changes in the way CM does things, the call of the Lord remains the same.” 

Gabby Oldham also saw the faithfulness of God highlighted this year. When asked about something she has seen this year while serving in Campus Ministries, Oldham, a senior Life Group Captain and Chapel Coordinator, told me: “God’s character is absolutely faithful, and His goodness is always the end of the story!” 

As we close the chapter that is the 2021-2022 academic year and look forward to the summer and next school year, I encourage you all to think about your favorite memories. It’s so sweet to look at all the joy a year can bring! I also encourage you to reflect on what you have learned. What did the Lord teach you? How did your experiences challenge and grow you? 

I hope you were as blessed by the words of your fellow students as I was, and I wish you a wonderful final week of classes!