Lumina College: The Pride of Hong Kong

Amongst an anti-Christian environment, Lumina College is leading the charge to produce a high-quality, faith integrated education. 

Christian higher education to change the world is a mission like no other. While this is a phrase that you may have only heard at Regent, there is another college preaching these values halfway across the world. Lumina College is a Christian institution located in Hong Kong. This college believes in quality education, innovative ideas, and culture challenging programs. Globalization has changed the culture, technology, and economic landscape of China. With these vast changes to Asian culture, Lumina promises their students an education that will spearhead the diverse issues that are plaguing the world. The vision of the school states, “To raise a generation of leaders with Christian worldviews to make culture” Because of their strong vision, Lumina has the ability to change the landscape of China for generations to come; not only do they offer a high-quality education, but there is a real commitment to a biblical worldview in the curriculum.  Lumina offers three academic programs: MA in Leadership, MA in International Studies, and an MA in Communication.

While Regent and Lumina are thousands of miles apart, they both challenge contemporary culture, while teaching a Christian worldview to their students. Regent’s Dr.Fraser had the opportunity to meet with faculty from Lumina College and get a better understanding of the institution’s vision for Christian leadership and faith-centered learning. Dr.Fraser was able to learn of both the major similarities and differences that Lumina and Regent have. Because the world is so religiously and culturally diverse, Regent and Lumina have the opportunity to produce leaders with unique backgrounds, ready to change the globe.These two universities are vastly different; however, they have one major similarity -faith-centered curriculum. Paul writes to the church, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.” In a world that challenges the importance of faith, it is vital to encourage fellow brothers that are relentlessly promoting Christian values to a secular audience. Although this is a young relationship between Regent University and Lumina College, these institutions have the ability to produce impactful Christian leaders that challenge culture and spread the Gospel.

Abraham Moreno-Riano is the Senior Editor of The Daily Runner.