First Black Friday Camper in Front of Best Buy

In Florida, a man will spend 33 days in front of Best Buy.

On Sunday, Kevin Sutton pitched a tent outside Florida Mall and settled in for the long-haul.  He says he’s going to get a great deal on a flatscreen TV, but that’s not the only reason he’s camping out in front of Best Buy for the next month… Kevin is using the opportunity to raise awareness for a good cause: the 13,000 homeless children in Central Florida.  While in front of Best Buy, the earnest camper will receive donations of food and supplies to give away to homeless children in his hometown.  Other than drinking water from the Best Buy bathroom, Kevin says he will only eat food that people give him, putting him in the same position as so many desperate human beings today.

Alec Mangum is the Creative Director & Editor at the Daily Runner.
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