Fall Poetry

Autumn’s Memory
Your eyes locked with mine.
A permanently fixed image in my mind.
The past could no longer hold me.
That which was unknowingly lost at sea
Was found and now free.
Something known,
But only just discovered.
I no longer want of my own,
Only what can be shared and wondered
To show you a world in color,
To wipe away your gray.
My emotions burst forth like shades of doleful blue and blissful yellow.
And even when I wish they would hide,
Still my pinks bring out yours hiding underneath your gray,
Softly telling a sad and yet happy story.
You are like a white page —
Not blank, only written in ink that cannot be seen,
Cool as gray.
Clear as glass.
I want to see you mark your page —
To bravely set your heart in motion,
To let color and light wash over your page.
I wish you would love again as you did before.