Corbin Bernsen films movie on Regent’s campus!

Corbin who?

Corbin Bernsen is an American actor and director. Bernsen originally attended UCLA to study law but soon realized he had a different passion. He went on to pursue and achieve a BFA in Theater Arts and a MFA in Playwriting. His first appearance on-screen was a minor role in one of his father’s films called Three the Hard Way. He soon headed for New York and eventually landed the role of Arnold Becker, a divorce attorney, on NBC’s L.A. Law. Since then, Bernsen has gone on to act and direct dozens of television series and movies such as Psych, Lay the Favorite, The Big Year, 25 Hill, and Rust.

“It’s our goal to bring forth a faith message, family, morality, all those wonderful things to our films,  but at the same time not alienate those who immediately put up blocks when you feel like ‘oh no that’s that Jesus stuff, I don’t want that.’” He made it clear that his goal is not making money but spreading Christian themes to everyone through the use of film.

Regent participates

Bernsen will be directing a new film called Mary for Mayor. He will be filming on Regent University’s campus and even using some of Regent’s actors. “I found this wonderful gold mine here. You have a wonderful film school. I am someone who also sees opportunity when God presents these doors that open up for you, and my purpose is to share what we know.” Auditions were held at Regent for this film and Bernsen explains, “I want to spread out a little further into the actors here.” He really has a heart for giving incredible opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them.

Mary for Mayor?

Bernsen explained, “Mary for Mayor came a little bit out of our political climate. I’m a little bit disheartened by what’s going on – clawing at each other – it’s all got me really upset.” The main character, Mary, is a small town girl whose father is consumed by being the mayor. Mary’s ready to go off to college, but she can’t take seeing the town falling apart. Bernsen continued, “She runs against her dad for mayor; to everybody else, and to her, the idea is a little about payback, but really she thinks she can do better than her father. She goes through a journey and ends up herself not becoming too unlike her dad: actually being consumed by the ego and people that come to her. She finds herself in the same place as her dad, and together they have to work together to defeat the bad people.”

Bernsen applied this message to today’s culture and said, “Yes, make America great again. Good – let’s start with our family then we’ll go to my neighbor and down the street and we’ll go to Main Street, and that to me is how you make American great again.”

Bernsen hopes to have this film completed by the end of 2018 and seen on outlets like Netflix. He also already has another film in mind and hopes to film it once again on Regent’s campus in the future. So, be on the lookout and maybe you too can be apart of a greater message communicated through film.


Rebekah Orlando is a Staff Writer for The Daily Runner.