10 Things I learned during my first semester at Regent

As an incoming freshman at Regent, I had little idea of what to expect.  I grew up in a small town, went to the same church, and — as a homeschooled student — basically had the same friends from kindergarten onwards.  Now, as the end of the semester glimmers on the horizon, I can look back and see how different the first few months of school were from what I imagined. Here are ten ways Regent has surprised me:

1. Friendships develop very naturally.

It’s common to be worried about how well you’ll settle into a new social scene. However, I was happy to find that it is almost inevitable to find your niche here at Regent — whether talking with people in your major, chatting with people in class or just being involved on campus overall.

2. The Regent Water is no joke.

During Campus Connection week, the Orientation Leaders warned incoming freshmen about the dangers of the “Regent Water” — a surefire way to ensure a “ring by spring.” I had heard about the quick-paced dating scene at Christian colleges, but was unprepared for the reality. For better or worse, people at Regent move fast!

3. Eating healthy is actually pretty easy — as long as you’re committed!

Freshman fifteen? No thanks. One of the great things about the living situation at Regent is that you have total control of your diet thanks to the full kitchens. Keeping a consistent grocery list and making sure to buy (and eat!) lots of fruits and vegetables is a surefire way to stay healthy and happy.

4. Peace and quiet is not hard to find.

As a staunch introvert, I really value quiet time. I initially worried that I would not be able to find the time or place to be by myself and really focus on my assignments, but it turns out that there are plenty of spots to relax! Some of my personal favorites include the library balcony, the second floor of the Ordinary and the picnic tables outside the Commons.


5. Procrastination exists, and it is terrifying.

I faced my fair share of last-minute assignments in high school, but nothing could have prepared me for the level of procrastination I’ve encountered in college. All-nighters, multiple cups (or, heaven forbid, pots) of coffee and some sweat and tears are pretty common effects of waiting until the last minute to finish an assignment.

6. Having an exercise room close by does not mean you will actually use it.

Having an exercise room on the first floor of Constitution is a great amenity. It’s wonderful to have an option for indoor exercise that’s not only nearby, but free! Unfortunately, I’ve found that exercise is one of the first things to go when my schedule gets busy. However, making the trek over to the Classroom Building is an acceptable stand-in for working out in the gym.

7. Volunteering opportunities are everywhere!

One of the reasons I chose to attend Regent was because I loved how proactive the student body was in seeking God and sharing His love. After almost a full semester here, my expectations have been greatly exceeded! From Lovelight to Good Fridays, there are so many ways for students to reach out to the Virginia Beach community and spread God’s light.

8. Unchapel is a lifesaver.

Having an opportunity during the week to worship God and listen to His word being preached has been a continual blessing. I love the fact that so many pews are filled, even though there’s no requirement of attendance. Every single week of Unchapel has encouraged me to grow in the Lord, and has helped me feel a great sense of community with my fellow students.


9. Your hallmates are your family away from home.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how tightly knit the hall communities are here at Regent. Just in my own experience, I consider all the girls on my hall to be like family to me, and I love them dearly. I know I can always count on them to be there for me, and I have seen very similar dynamics on other halls in the Commons.

10. Celebrating Christmas early is a necessary evil.

As happy as I am for the semester to be almost over, I’m very sad that I have to miss out on celebrating Christmas and New Years with my Regent family. I used to be a staunch believer in no decorating for Christmas or listening to carols early, but being at school has forced me to get over my “bah humbug” ways.

Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts is a staff writer for The Daily Runner and a freshman studying Cinema/Television at Regent University. She is from New York, but loves the warm southern weather of Virginia Beach. She loves to exercise her creativity and organization skills in everything from cooking to crocheting to decorating the bathroom mirror with Sharpies! Above all else, she hopes to look for the joy and beauty of the Lord in all things.